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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2020-08-19)

Date & Time: 2020-08-19 14:00 UTC

Location: GoToMeeting

The meeting was called to order at 14:05 UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Attending: Nat, Bjorn, Kosuke, Takahiko, Joseph, Dima, Francis, Torsten, Dave, Torsten, Mark, Tony
  • Regrets:
  • Guest:

4.   External Organizations

4.1.   Australia (Dima)

  • Currently, CDR (Open Banking) ecosystem has 4 banks and 2 RPs with pilot mode customers.
  • November Release of CDR will have more instruments supported, joint accounts.
  • PAR to be supported (by Feb 2021)
  • Roadmap for RAR not clear. CDR is planning to implement fine-grained consent so it should come eventually.

4.2.   Berlin Group (Francis Pouatcha)

  • Advisory board meeting this month
  • Taskforce September.

5.   PRs for 1.0 (Dave)

Please give feedback to all the standing PRs.

5.1.   PR 175 Add security consideration around sharing keys

We should keep focus and not overly generalize. Merge.

5.3.   PR 187 Privacy Considerations

  • Issue #90
  • Lively discussion on whether it is inching to legal advise.
  • Tony pointed out that having best practice here is very useful as many systems designer and coders forget about them.
  • Callers agreed that most of "shall" can safely be turned into "should". WG members are asked to give a final review and we will come to the conclusion next week.

7.   AOB


The meeting was adjourned at 15:00 UTC.