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FAPI WG Meeting Notes (2020-09-30)

The meeting was called to order at 14:03 UTC.

1.   Roll Call

  • Attending:
  • Regrets:
  • Guest:

4.   WG Last Call for FAPI 1.0

As it was discussed last week, we would like to issue the WG last call for FAPI 1.0.

It was recommended unanimously.

ACT: Chairs to make a decision that we have come to a state where we can send WG Last Call message to the list.

5.   Events

5.1.   OBIE WS (Joseph/Don)

  • Oct. 13
  • Dave, Joseph are speaking.

5.3.   IIF Annual Membership Meeting (Don/Nat)


Session Description:

In the accelerated move to a digitalized world, new technology is changing how people are identified and what we know about them, in an environment where trust has to be built differently from physical interactions. As well as presenting opportunities for efficiency and access, this also drives debate about roles, responsibilities, standards, and privacy. These issues will grow as new technologies in data, sensors, 5G connected devices, and biometrics come online with platforms of systemic scale. This session will discuss how technology and market trends are changing the costs, responsibilities, business models, and opportunities in identity and authentication, and how financial services firms can build on compliance capabilities to create new services and revenue streams.

Session Speakers:

  • Vivienne Artz, Chief Privacy Officer, Refinitiv
  • Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Nat Sakimura, Chairman, OpenID Foundation
  • Victoria Roig, Head of Transformation Office, Santander (Moderator)

Topic coverage:

I will continue liaising with your moderator Vicky, but to start the thought process, the following are a few suggestions of possible topics and a sequence for discussion:

  • Why Digital Identity is important: impacts from the accelerated digitalization from the pandemic, increased shift to eCommerce channels; role as a foundational building block for the digital economy; opportunities in financial inclusion
  • Supporting SMEs: the opportunities for Digital Identity in enabling SMEs to participate in the global economy, where there is no in-person sale / in-person identification; enabling identification/compliance without data retention burden
  • Financial crime: addressing current low rates of interdiction of illicit funds; eKYC, overcoming de-risking concerns; challenges/barriers to adoption for this purpose
  • Specific Initiatives: eg. Open Digital Trust initiative; the Open ID Exchange in the UK; Singapore initiatives including the ability to interface with APIX; DIACC in Canada; national KYC utilities
  • Interoperability: both (i) between Digital Identity systems, and (ii) between Identity and other capabilities and initiatives, eg. Open Banking, Payments; extension to other applications beyond finance

5.4.   Identity Week Asia (Nat)

  • October 14. (Recording on October 10)
  • Fighting Back Against Digital Identity Fraud panel. Nat will moderate.
  • Panelists: Jeremy Grant, Subhashish Bose, David Turkington

Oct 14 11:30 SGT

Fighting Back Against Digital Identity FraudDigital Identity in an Online World

The isolation of worldwide lockdowns this year have presented criminals with new opportunities for phishing, and this only adds to already existing trends in the rise of synthetic IDs, account takeover and SIM swap fraud. This panel will explore solutions which utilise digital identity to fight back against the fraudsters.

  • Nat SakimuraModerator: Nat Sakimura, Chairman, OpenID Foundation
  • Subhashish BoseSubhashish Bose, Senior Director – Fraud & Security, FICO
  • Jeremy GrantJeremy Grant, Coordinator, Better Identity Coalition
  • David TurkingtonDavid Turkington, Head of Technology, APAC, GSMA

5.5.   FIDO Authenticate (Nat)

  • Session Date: Thursday, November 19
  • Session Time: 2:30-3:15 PM PST (note that this may shift to start 30 minutes later, which presumably would work better for Nat)
  • Session Title: Is the Future Decentralized?
  • Panelist participants:
  • Brett McDowell (moderator), Hedera Council
  • Alex Simons, Microsoft
  • Nat Sakimura, OpenID Foundation
  • Ramesh Kesanupalli, Digital Trust

6.   External Organizations

6.1.   Australia (Dima/Stuart)

An interesting development regarding testing. To be disclosed in a while.

Dima reported the following as FYI.

6.2.   Berlin Group (Francis)

  • Advisory meeting. Berlin G taskforce is now working on market-driven extension set: Open Finance.
  • Israel putting many requests.
  • However, there is no activity this year for authorization and SCA model.
  • Berlin Group Specs:

6.3.   European Commission (Mark/Torsten)

  • n/a
  • EBA is on Open Banking APIs.

6.4.   ETSI (Torsten/Dave)

  • Identity verification method for Qualified Services.
  • We should respond to the consultation - Oct. 17. Dave will start an email thread on this. People should join in.
  • JAdES spec not published yet.

6.5.   UK (Dave)

  • Workshop on Oct: 13.
  • eIDAS certificate
  • UK Open Banking usage expanded.

7.   AOB


The meeting was adjourned at 15:00 UTC.