CIBA: How about backchannel_notification_endpoint?

Issue #115 resolved
Takahiko Kawasaki created an issue

How about changing the metadata name of client_notification_endpoint to backchannel_notification_endpoint?

Metadata names defined in CIBA draft 06 are as follows.

  • backchannel_token_delivery_modes_supported
  • backchannel_authentication_endpoint
  • backchannel_token_delivery_mode
  • client_notification_endpoint
  • backchannel_authentication_request_signing_alg

If the name of client_notification_endpoint is changed to backchannel_notification_endpoint or something similar, all the metadata names start with backchannel_ and it will become easier to recognize the metadata are related.

Comments (6)

  1. Brian Campbell

    There's some rational for having backchannel_ as an indicator of sorts to see the related info.

  2. Dave Tonge

    Yes, this does seem cleaner. Do you think it should be backchannel_client_notification_endpoint to make it obvious that this endpoint is hosted by the client?

  3. Brian Campbell

    Discussed during the Nov 13 MODRNA WG call and there was general consensus to go with Dave's suggestion of backchannel_client_notification_endpoint

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