CIBA needs IANA Considerations

Issue #86 resolved
Brian Campbell created an issue

Registration is needed for new client and OP/AS metadata parameters.

And new JWT claims.

Also look at new token endpoint error codes (but consider coming registrations from the device flow).

And review for other registrations needed.

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  1. Brian Campbell

    Some working notes:

    OpenID Provider Metadata:

    • backchannel_token_delivery_modes (note issue #88 with name change to backchannel_token_delivery_modes_supported)
    • backchannel_authentication_endpoint (note done as part of issue #69)
    • backchannel_authentication_request_signing_alg_values_supported

    Client Metadata:

    • backchannel_token_delivery_mode
    • client_notification_endpoint
    • backchannel_authentication_request_signing_alg

    Token Request Param:

    JWT Claims:

    • rt_hash (but note issue #93 to avoid registration)
    • auth_req_id (but note issue #93 to avoid registration)

    Token Error Response:

  2. Brian Campbell

    pull request #25 has changes addressing this for OP Metadata, Client Metadata, and Token Request Param. The claims will be namespace qualified with #93 / pull request #24 and the error responses not needed per #94 and existing registrations

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