update/fix ID Token examples in CIBA Authentication Results

Issue #92 resolved
Brian Campbell created an issue

The ID Token in the first example of CIBA 10.3. Push Callback / 10.3.1. Successful Token Delivery is missing the _hash and auth_req_id claims that the text a few paragraphs below says must be there. It also has nonce, which shouldn't be there. And it should probably match up with the decoded claims in the example below. Also the refresh_token and access_token values really should be longer (and then the _hash values redone) and if changes are being made in this area then may as well do that too.

The ID Token in the first example of CIBA 10.1.1. Successful Token Response has nonce, which shouldn't be there.

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  1. Brian Campbell reporter
    • changed status to open

    Not sure what happened but the changes didn't seem to actually make it in. Pull request #24 says it was MERGED at 2a712c4 but there's no actual changes in that commit.

  2. Brian Campbell reporter

    merged pull request #36 to hopefully fix for real this time with, CIBA: use Public Claim Names for the auth_req_id and refresh token JWT claims for Issue #93 and also fix/update the two ID Token examples in the Authentication Results section for Issue #92

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