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Issue #248 resolved
Ed McDonagh
created an issue

I would find ordering bar charts of mean/median dose metrics by frequency useful, and more useful than alphabetically or by value.

If it is trivial to have options (with frequency as the default), then that would be even better.

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  1. David Platten

    Added ability to sort two of the charts by various criteria (mean DLP per acquisition and mean DAP per acquisition). @Ed McDonagh, are you able to try this out to see what you think? I think you'll be able to just copy the two updated html and js files and it'll work. References issue #248.

    → <<cset 04a01a24fd26>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    My production is still on 0.6.0, which won't have all the brilliant changes for unique unit names etc, so it wouldn't be a simple swap. I'll have to do a test install.

  3. David Platten

    OK. The frequency sorting isn't broken - it does work. However, the "n=xxx" value displayed in the tooltip isn't updated after the sorting. This needs to be updated. [could the tooltip text be pre-calculated and stored as a property of each data point?].

  4. David Platten

    Did I say they were working? Silly me. The plots were a bit glitchy. I've reworked the sorting method, and now the CT plot of DLP per acquisition works as expected. Need to alter code for other plots too. References issue #248.

    → <<cset e0a211ceaf34>>

  5. David Platten

    Added two user profile fields to enable default chart sorting to be set. All CT charts now take advantage of this. There are now two new items on the chart options: Default chart sorting and Default sorting direction. It may be better if these options are moved to their own view, as they are not routinely needed by the user. References issue #248.

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  6. David Platten

    This is now working. The user can choose the default chart sorting via the new Chart options under the User options menu. The user can also change the chart sorting interactively using the controls under the chart.

  7. David Platten

    Setting yAxis[0].isDirty to true fixes the post-sorting glitches on the yAxis that I was seeing on the charts when there are a large number of items (50+) being plotted. Setting this flag forces the redraw event to redraw the yAxis properly. References issue #248.

    → <<cset 01606e749e32>>

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