Imports of Philips single plane FD20 RSDR fail

Issue #364 resolved
john loveland created an issue

Imports of Philips single plane FD20 RSDR fail because ConceptCodeSequence is not found.

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    Thanks for logging this @JLMPO - if you can get hold of an example with Physics or phantom testing data that you can send me I'm sure we can fix this for the 0.7 release.

  2. john loveland reporter

    Thanks @edmcdonagh it may take a while to get some data because this system is at a different site. Will send it over when I can.

  3. Eivind L

    I got the same error as @JLMPO when I tried to import a Philips RDSR. @edmcdonagh, I can send you a sample RDSR if this is still relevant.

  4. Ed McDonagh

    Hi Eivind. That would be great if you could - I don't have anything from Philips yet and I'm sure it'll be an easy fix once I have an example :-)

  5. Ed McDonagh

    Thanks @leivind - @JLMPO the issue is that Philips make use of the text option of recording the reference point definition, as it is a little unusual. As you can see at several points in the code, for example here it is something I was aware of when I wrote the RDSR import function but didn't code for at the time!

    For reference, the reference point I am used to seeing is 15cm from Isocenter toward Source, but Philips use 15cm below BeamIsocenter. Is that the same thing? In which case why have they not used the code? And what does the Philips version mean if the tube is higher than the isocentre/detector?

    I'll soon have it fixed and get a beta out that works with this, the Toshiba dual plane (including exports) and the mammography RDSRs.

  6. Eivind L

    The manual states that the Interventional Reference Point is a point in the center of the X-ray beam at 15 cm from the Beam IsoCenter in the direction of the Focal Spot of the X-ray source, so I guess it's the same.

  7. Ed McDonagh

    IrradEventXrayData model updated with reference_point_defintition_text field - other instances in other models have a definition field and a definition_code field. However this model already had the CID version without the _code suffix. RDSR extract routine now populates whichever is there, trying for the CID version first. _get_accumulated_data has been updated to use whichever is present so csv export works. rf_export updated similarly but not ready yet. Refs #364, #369

    → <<cset a76473d416af>>

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