Handle DICOM date time values with timezone information

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Ed McDonagh created an issue

The RDSR @leivind sent me had date times with timezone information, which is allowed in DICOM, but not dealt with by OpenREM.

It seems to be suprisingly difficult to incorporate. Eivind - how has this not been a problem up till now?

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  1. Eivind L

    This was actually the first RDSR I tried from that system... However, it seems that the timezone-info is added by Clunie's Dicom Cleaner when enabling "Dates and times - Move":

    Before "cleaning": 0040,A120 [DT] DateTime: 20150102000000

    After: 0040,A120 [DT] DateTime: 20000101000000.000+0000

    Maybe it's possible to truncate the string on reading (for now)?

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    I see. I'll do that - we'll leave this issue open for a later date, as we need to make sure we handle times properly, but I think most DICOM modalities at the moment just record local time without any timezone or DST information. So we'll get away with it for now!

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