Port to Python 3 whilst continuing support for 2.7

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Ed McDonagh
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It's time! There are possibilities of using new modules that are python 3 only.

Current status of dependencies from https://caniusepython3.com/project/OpenREM:

  • django-pagination (which is blocking openrem) - can be replaced by the inbuilt django pagination
  • django-qsstats-magic (which is blocking openrem) - not sure what to do with this one - has open issue regarding python 3 which is quite old...
  • django-solo (which is blocking openrem) - can't find anything immediately regarding python 3 intentions or issues.


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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    @David Platten @Luuk - can you take a quick look at http://testing.openrem.org/openrem/ct/ please?

    I've replaced the django-pagination function with the in-built Django pagination function, plus some styling from a gist I came across.

    What do you think? We need to stop using django-pagination to move onto newer versions of Django and Python. And it isn't required anymore anyway!

    Also, David, the charts on that page are blank for me - am I doing something wrong?

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    @David Platten - Both displaynameview.html and rfalertnotificationsview.html have {% paginate %} tags in them, but they don't have the {% autopaginate object_list %} tags in them, so I don't think the pagination has ever functioned. I can't see how it would function for the display names page!

    Question - do I just remove the tags (I think functionality stays as is), or do I fix them up, or maybe just the RF Alert Notifications page so that they paginate using the new method?

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