Move to current pynetdicom

Issue #530 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

Bitbucket will remove mercurial repositories (including on 1st June 2020.

I have no intention of maintaining that repository after that date, so we need to have moved onto well before that date.

This implies moving also to,

Python 2.7 stops being supported on 1st June 2020, with a final release in April 2020. Pip for 2.7 will also be deprecated at the same time. So we need to make that transition too.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Not understanding how to use the QueryRetrieveSOPClassList - it doesn't get expanded into UIDs. Now works with specifying specific UIDs. Refs #530

    → <<cset c0b5ac08c3eb>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    pynetdicom3 isn't ready (for example see this issue) that renders it unsuitable for python 2 currently.

    Moving to the current patmun/pynetdicom would improve things, including access to DIMSE messages, but still relies on the unreleased pydicom v1.0 and doesn't offer any future as we'll need to move to pynetdicom3 to support python 3.

    Therefore, for the sake of getting 0.8 through the door I plan to stick with the current pydicom and pynetdicom from my repo. Might need to specify pydicom version, or specify legacy version from pip.

  3. Ed McDonagh reporter

    pydicom is now on release version 1.2.1 with regular updates and pynetdicom version 1.0.0 has now been released!

    Hoorah! 👏🎉

  4. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Disabled pynetdicom testing for now. All other tests pass. Need to work out Python 3 testing rig on bitbucket. Refs #404, #777, #457, #530 [skip ci] Not ready for testing. Next task - move to Django 1.9...

    → <<cset e13fda4c134e>>

  5. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Added in pynetdicom to setup, updated C-ECHO function, started work on C-FIND function. Refs #530, [skip ci] as QR tests currently disabled.

    → <<cset 09e64968cf7e>>

  6. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Updated reverse.js and other links to use new URLs. Interface QR now functions for find, not tested move yet. Refs #530, [skip ci] as QR tests currently disabled.

    → <<cset 57e16f0f2cb0>>

  7. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Updated reverse.js again, replaced new URLs with names, replaced previous one that was missed too Reformatted verification html. Refs #530. [skip ci] netdicom testing disabled.

    → <<cset 3b3d3e41524c>>

  8. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Removed commented out and redundant code from qrscu. Added echoscu style messaging to log and interface for QR association. Refs #530. [skip ci] netdicom testing disabled.

    → <<cset 38088243f0d3>>

  9. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Updated study level query to follow example. Added more logging and some status messages to web interface. Refs #530. [skip ci] netdicom testing disabled.

    → <<cset aa5e8a70bb71>>

  10. Ed McDonagh reporter

    We haven’t managed to release a version with new pynetdicom before the mercurial repository is to be deleted (even with the Covid 19 reprieve of extending to 1st July), but I have managed to move the mercurial repo (which will be deleted) and create a git repo with the same name and content which means 0.10 installs should still be possible!

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