Recognise the Mobilett Mira Max RDSR as DX

Issue #444 resolved
Luuk created an issue

Mobilett Mira Max RDSR is classified as RF, while it is a DX system. This is due to the use of TID 10004 AND TID 10007 by this system.

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  1. Luuk reporter

    It seems there is no way to see that this system is a DX system. The device model name even reports as "Fluorospot Compact FD", although it isn't. I think the only option is a method like described in my comment in issue #445 (let the user have the option to set the modality type of the system).

  2. Ed McDonagh

    I had forgotten about this conversation we had last year, sorry!

    I have since changed the RDSR import routine to cater for the RDSRs produced by Canon and Carestream (ref #464), but looking at the example Siemens Mobilett RDSR I have I can see it wouldn't work with the new code.

    I shall have to add it to the tests, but I think it will only be useful when ref #445 is complete.

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