Consider moving to current pynetdicom or pynetdicom3

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Ed McDonagh
created an issue

Both of which imply pydicom 1.0.0, which makes life difficult as it hasn't been released.

However, with current version of pynetdicom we are using I have no access to DIMSE messages about move operations.

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    pynetdicom3 isn't ready (for example see this issue) that renders it unsuitable for python 2 currently.

    Moving to the current patmun/pynetdicom would improve things, including access to DIMSE messages, but still relies on the unreleased pydicom v1.0 and doesn't offer any future as we'll need to move to pynetdicom3 to support python 3.

    Therefore, for the sake of getting 0.8 through the door I plan to stick with the current pydicom and pynetdicom from my repo. Might need to specify pydicom version, or specify legacy version from pip.

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