Add tests for high total dose at RP and total DAP alerts for fluoroscopy

Issue #697 resolved
David Platten
created an issue

I'd like these tests to be present before this code is released.

Need to test:

  • Total DAP flags when above alert level
  • Total dose at RP flags when above alert level
  • Cumulative DAP over time delta is correct, and flags when above alert level
  • Cumulative total dose at RP over time delta is correct, and flags when above alert level
  • For single- and bi-planar?

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    I don't have a biplane fluoro RDSR we can use - the only one I have is way too large. We could put out a request on the group? My cath labs that have RDSR are single plane so I can't generate one myself.

    Also, the last merge I did makes changes to the rfdetail.html template, just so you are aware...

  2. David Platten reporter

    OK. I've worked out what's going on. My assumption was that when the two RDSRs are imported by the test routine that they would have specific private keys that would be the same for all of the tests. This is not the case (the "Warning! That study was not found" in your html above made me check). When the test routine reaches the point that you had the problem the pks were 7 and 8 for the two studies.

    I need to change the tests so that I obtain the appropriate private key for the study I want to test by filtering GeneralStudyModuleAttr, rather than assuming that the private keys are fixed values.

    This reopens #697.

  3. David Platten reporter

    Explicitly obtaining private keys of the two test studies rather than making assumptions about what the private keys might be. This only matters for tests involving the detail view; the summary view shows both studies. References issue #697

    → <<cset 56a5db09e9ee>>

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