Enable update of existing patient height and mass data

Issue #744 resolved
David Platten created an issue

Currently the import of patient height and mass data only updates data if the values are missing from the corresponding study. If there is already height and mass data present then the uploaded values are not used to update the data.

I have a situation in my live OpenREM installation where some cardiology studies have incorrect patient height or mass, incorrectly entered at the modality at the time of the study. These incorrect data cause issues with the calculated skin dose maps. For example, one patient had an erroneous height of 1.1 m and a mass of 86 kg. This resulted in a very "short" skin dose map where some of the irradiation missed the phantom.

I need to be able to import height and mass data in a way that will overwrite existing data.

Perhaps this could be implemented as a checkbox on the import view that if checked enables existing data to be overwritten. The box will be unchecked by default.

As it stands I have to manually change the database entry, which is not ideal.

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    Without looking, I think this would be a fairly easy change, and certainly worthwhile.

    It would also be nice to edit/add these sort of values directly in the detail view...

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