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Matthew Dixon created an issue

Firstly, thank you for the really useful software, it make dose audits a breeze!

I’ve recently set the software up and am troubleshooting an import issue but I noticed my extractor log was blank. I am a bit of a novice at this so it’s probably my setup but it looks to me like when you had implemented the Toshiba extractor error log (in settings.py) this bit:

'remapp.extractors.ct_toshiba': {

'handlers': ['extractor_file'],

'level': 'INFO',

'propagate': False,


seems to have replaced the bit that was setting the handler for the general extractor log. I’ve set it back and it started working.

Apologies if I’ve just completely misunderstood but thought I should let you know just in case.

Thanks again


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  1. Ed McDonagh

    HI @Matthew Dixon - can you give us some more information about

    • what you expected to happen,
    • what actually happened
    • what you changed
    • what the result was

    I have just had a quick look, and I think the logging is working as designed, but possible not as you (and probably other users) expect it to!

    Your feedback on this would be very helpful.

    Thanks, Ed.

  2. Matthew Dixon reporter

    I’ve been running the rdsr.py extractor to import dose report files and I was expecting this to write to the openrem_extractor.log (i’d set the logging threshold to debug) however it didn’t and the log file remained completely blank.

    In settings.py, I changed line 240 from ‘remapp.extractors.ct_toshiba’ to ‘remapp.extractors.rdsr’. I then resumed importing files and the log file was successfully written to.



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