Siemens Mammography rdsr objects not correctly displayed

Issue #780 resolved
Luuk created an issue

Siemens mammography rdsr objects (available in Siemens Revelation systems) contain some errors that prevent correct viewing.

  1. Laterality code meaning is incorrect
    code meaning is “Left Breast” / “Right Breast” and should be “Left breast” / “right breast” (shouldn’t be a capital B)
  2. For tomo-acquisitions the dose of one projection is given instead of the dose for all projections

So, actually I think both issues should be fixed by Siemens.

In the meanwhile we could change mgfiltered.html and mgdetail.html to compare case-insensitive (and actually I think it would be better to compare to code value instead of code meaning, although it would be less readable).

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  1. Ed McDonagh

    The laterality, you may have seen that I’ve replaced a few code meanings with code value checks recently, so we should do the same here.

    I’d like to understand the tomo situation better - can you send me an example?

  2. Luuk reporter

    Refs #780 Siemens Mammography rdsr objects not correctly displayed

    Solved the issue by comparing lower case values of code meaning. Tested with Siemens data and Hologic data in test_files.

    [skip ci] as only interface and will not be tested automatically.

    → <<cset 2d0785b77833>>

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