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Ed McDonagh created an issue

New languages can be added easily enough, but for the docs I need to create a new Read The Docs project for each one.

If you are interested in adding a translation of the docs or the OpenREM web interface, comment on this issue!

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  1. Ed McDonagh reporter

    New pot files for the docs. Only real change is translations.pot - the others are date and removing the uid that each string had. Not sure if this is a good move or not... Refs #855

    → <<cset 2aa990f4f8fc>>

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Not sure if I need to generate the po files locally, strings were missing on Weblate. Also removed troublesome exclamation mark. Refs #855 [skip ci] docs only

    → <<cset 793cda6c319d>>

  3. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Added new doc on creating development environment so I could refer to it from other pages. Rewrote translations.rst. Refs #855 [skip ci] docs only

    → <<cset f08fb7755371>>

  4. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Fixing a couple of errors that crept into the Deutsch translation. Adding the modality names on the home page to translation strings. Refs #855 [skip ci] strings only

    → <<cset c61f3adf9aa8>>

  5. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Updated strings files locally. Has put the docker_orthanc strings in the docker_orthanc.po file, installation strings in installation. Something strange has happened on Weblate. Refs #855

    → <<cset 7ab1335d6f95>>

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