Acquisition type restricted charts for CT

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Ed McDonagh created an issue

As part of the changes to charts for release 1.0, and the removal of the acquisition type tick boxes in the filters as part of ref #856, the feature to show only acquisitions of a specific type when creating acquisition level charts has been removed.

This issue is to remind us to re-implement the feature in the future if it seems desirable.

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  1. David Platten

    I think this needs adding for version 1.0. My Canon systems use the same acquisition name for stationary acquisitions as well as spiral or axial acquisitions within the same study. This makes the median CTDI or DLP chart values a bit meaningless.

  2. David Platten

    The acquisition types that we need to be able to filter CT acquisition chart data on are:

    • Sequenced Acquisition (“Axial”)
    • Spiral Acquisition (“Spiral”)
    • Constant Angle Acquisition (“Localiser”)
    • Stationary Acquisition
    • Free Acquisition

    The acquisition type is found via the ct_acquisition_type_id in the CtIrradiationEventData table, which relates to the id column in the ContextID table.

  3. David Platten

    I think I’m going to implement this by:

    • adding a boolean UserProfile field for each CT acquisition type in the CT chart options
    • including the CT acquisition type in the list of name_fields when an acquisition-level CT chart is chosen (around line 479 of
    • adding code to to filter the contents of the Pandas data frame to keep only the required acquisition types before the chart data is calculated (after line 521, and before line 532). May be able to use something like this example:

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