Skin map with head doesn't render correctly in 2D view

Issue #910 resolved
Ed McDonagh created an issue

In 2D view, with the head on the phantom, the lower part of the torso is rendered below the bottom of the canvas.

In 3D view, it all renders as expected.

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  1. wens

    Hi @Ed McDonagh what portion of the lower part of the phantom? Literally on the edge?

    could you provide a screen shot?

    What would also be an improvement in the case presented above, is to shift the first X rows of the skin dose map to make the head part align with the body

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Ooh, what is going on in your screenshot? Where is the dose on the head coming from? Is that wrapped around from the fields at the lower end of the torso or something?

    I can’t remember which study I saw this on first when I was testing something else, but if you have a look at the studies in you will see the same thing (which isn’t like what you have above). For example, has exposure at the bottom of the 2D canvas but in the middle of the 3D torso. In the example I first saw this on there was a sliver of exposure showing on the 2D canvas at the lower edge, but it was nicely on the torso in the 3D.

  3. wens

    Hi Ed, that’s interesting indeed… I will have a look into it. It’s odd that my version appears to render the lower part of the torso fine in 2D.

    As for the phantom head part in 2D that is not aligned with body: It’s def. phantom head radiation showing on top but it has to do with the phantom map class. I simply expanded the phantommap array to add it’s cylindrical head but used the same “resolution” so to say. Head and phantombody dose data is contained within a single array, this array has a sparse part that does not correspond to a physical location on the computational phantom. It looks like this and this also explains why dose data corresponding to the phantom’s head appears on the far left in my previous 2D skin dose image.

  4. wens

    @Ed McDonagh Hi ed I’ve found the cause of the problem you detected, I’ve adjusted the canvas height. Will push it tomorrow

  5. David Platten

    I think that the head height needs to be added to the height in the Ajax function, not to the width. I've also added a comment to the user if a skin dose map fails to say that it may be due to skin dose maps being disabled for that system type. Refs issue #910

    → <<cset eb2bc6673350>>

  6. wens

    Yes it should be added to its height indeed. I admit I was in a hurry when I copied it from my institution’s laptop

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