Add Radiopharmaceutical Radiation Dose Reporting

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  1. Tim de Wit

    Format specified in:

    I've already started adding the necessary classes to the models. Are there any includes/tables that you know can be skipped? (e.g. TID 1204 “Language of Content Item and Descendants” and TID 1020 “Person Participant”). That would save me some time.

    Any clues what to do with multiple Observer Contexts in one class? (see : Observer Contexts and Activity Measurement Device)

  2. Ed McDonagh reporter


    I would like the language one in there. It is only two items and they are both ForeignKeys to the ContextID table, the same as so many others such as

    The Person Participant class is already there, so can just use it 😄

    Anything that has a value multiplicity of more than 1 (ie 1-n) needs to go into its own table (Class). Which is how it all gets so complex!

  3. Tim de Wit

    TID1204 (language) would require a table on its own, but I'm happy to create it if you see any applications for it :)
    I'll make a first attempt at implementing the RRDS models. Hopefully the applications and supporting devices will follow soon ;)

  4. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Sorry, yes, that is what I was thinking. One class/table, two fields.

    I'll ask my NM colleagues if they have seen any evidence of them anywhere...

  5. Tim de Wit

    I just noticed that instead of defining yet another class/table, you added the columns of TID 1003 “Person Observer Identifying Attributes” directly to the ObserverContext class. Can I do the same for certain other classes (e.g. the language class above) to restrict the number of unnecessary tables?

    Any ideas on how to deal with elements like "Activity Measurement Device" that appear two times? (

  6. Ed McDonagh reporter

    I think it is ok to combine them in the same table if they only appear together and 1:1. Hopefully that is the case for where I have done that!

    I don't think I've come across an example like Activity Measurement. I think I would enter it twice with different but related names.

    (I know I'm posting this after you have written more - I haven't read your updates yet!)

  7. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Hi @tcdewit - I have just answered a google group question about this you might be interested in:

    Also, the link at the top to the template is wrong now - here is the correct URL: Your original link is missing an L in Radiopharmaceutical - I presume they noticed and added it in later!

  8. Ed McDonagh reporter

    Have you got the date for the RRDSR and the CT RDSR very different @Jannis Widmer ? Does that matter? One is 2000 and one is 2022…

  9. Jannis Widmer

    No it’s not a problem. I manually changed the date on the rrdsr back to 2000 to test something, they are actually from the same time.

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