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Refs #114

Newer Siemens CT scanner software creates and sends an RDSR after each event. Each RDSR contains the information for the whole study. This situation can also occur when an operator performs part of an exam, then ends the exam before starting it up again and generating new events.

The function will now look for a SeriesTime and ContentTime which the Siemens RDSRs have, and allow the code to determine which is the latest of the new import and the previously imported RDSR. If the new RDSR is newer, the database version is deleted and the new one is imported.

I don't know if anyone else has sample data to try this with - particularly if they have non-Siemens CT examples?

Otherwise I will test this with the two scanners we have with this behaviour and merge the PR if I don't have any issues, and no-one else pipes up!

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