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Voice - Limits

Voice - Account Limits (and Dynamic Channel Limits)

Dynamic Channel Limits Any dynamic channel limits shown in the "dynamic" block take precedence over the usual account limits. e.g. in the above example due to the low balance (£15) there is a concurrent channel limit of 3 channels and a rate limit of 3 calls per second.

Changing Channel / Rate Limits These limits are set per-account by Simwood and are based on your traffic. We do not charge for channels and impose these limits only to manage our network utilisation. If you require more channels or a higher rate of calls per second then please contact us via our support ticket system.

 * @param int $account_id   - The account id which is provided to you by simwood
 * @return object



stdClass Object
    [channel_allocation] => 30
    [limit_concurrent_in] =>
    [limit_concurrent_out] => 30
    [limit_concurrent_out_per_number] =>
    [limit_concurrent_out_international] =>
    [limit_concurrent_out_hotspot] =>
    [limit_rate_out] => 30/10s
    [limit_rate_out_international] =>
    [limit_rate_out_hotspot] =>
    [dynamic] => stdClass Object
            [balance] => 2
            [limit_concurrent_out] => 3
            [limit_rate_out] => 3/1s