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ARIAC Interface

GEAR provides a ROS interface to the teams participating in ARIAC. This interface can be used by teams to control all available actuators, read sensor information and send/receive notifications.

During the competition, it is against the rules to control the ARIAC simulation using anything other than the interface specified below. Teams are not permitted to use any of the topics or services in the /gazebo/ namespace prefix to control the Gazebo simulation or get information about the simulation state. These interfaces will be blocked during the Finals.

For a hands-on tutorial on interfacing with GEAR through command line tools, see the Gear Interface tutorial. For a tutorial on interfacing with GEAR through a ROS node, see the Hello World tutorial.


Topic name Message/Service Description Message definition
/ariac/ Message Break beam's output osrf_gear/Proximity.msg
/ariac/ Message Break beam's output (output changes only) osrf_gear/Proximity.msg
/ariac/ Message Proximity sensor's output sensor_msgs/Range.msg
/ariac/ Message Laser profiler's output sensor_msgs/LaserScan.msg
/ariac/ Message Logical camera's output osrf_gear/LogicalCameraImage.msg

Note: The string {name} is replaced with the name you give the sensor in the config file. See: Since the sensor names are unique, it ensures that all sensors publish data to unique topics.

TF frames

TF frames for static key points of the workcell are published by the ARIAC simulation. Dynamic TF frames for the arm and faulty parts are also published by the simulation. Other dynamic TF frames can be accessed through logical cameras.

Description TF frame Type
Origin of the work cell world static
Each sensor {sensor_name}_frame, e.g. logical_camera_1_frame static
Bin storage units bin{N}_frame, where N=1..8 static
AGV load points agv{N}_load_point_frame, where N=1..2 static
Arm links {link_name}, e.g. wrist1_link dynamic
Parts detected by logical cameras {logical_camera_name}_{part_name}_frame, e.g. logical_camera_1_piston_rod_part_1_frame dynamic
Parts detected by quality control sensors quality_control_sensor_{N}_{part_name}_frame, where N=1..2, e.g. quality_control_sensor_1_piston_rod_part_1_frame dynamic
Kit trays detected by logical cameras {logical_camera_name}_kit_tray_{N}_frame, where N>0, e.g. logical_camera_1_kit_tray_1_frame dynamic
Actual AGV pose detected by logical cameras {logical_camera_name}_agv{N}_frame, where N=1..2, e.g. logical_camera_1_agv1_frame dynamic


Topic name Message/Service Description Message definition
/ariac/arm/command Message Update the arm trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory.msg
/ariac/joint_states Message Arm joint states sensor_msgs/JointState
/ariac/arm/state Message Arm Controller's state control_msgs/JointTrajectoryControllerState.msg
/ariac/gripper/control Service Enable/disable gripper's suction osrf_gear/VacuumGripperControl.srv
/ariac/gripper/state Message Gripper's state osrf_gear/VacuumGripperState.msg

Process management

Topic name Message/Service Description Message definition
/clock Message Simulation time rosgraph_msgs/Clock.msg
/ariac/start_competition Service Start the competition std_srvs/Trigger.srv
/ariac/orders Message New order to be completed osrf_gear/Order.msg
/ariac/material_locations Service Query storage locations for a material (e.g. kit_tray, pulley_part) osrf_gear/GetMaterialLocations.srv
/ariac/agv Service Notify AGV osrf_gear/AGVControl.srv
/ariac/agv Message State of AGV std_msgs/String.msg
/ariac/quality_control_sensor_ Message Output of quality control sensor osrf_gear/LogicalCameraImage.msg


These are only provided for debugging/development purposes and their use is not permitted during the competition trials. See the developer tips page for how to enable cheats.

Topic name Message/Service Description Message definition
/ariac/conveyor/control Service Modify power of the conveyor belt osrf_gear/ConveyorBeltControl.srv
/ariac/trays Message State of the kit being built on each tray osrf_gear/TrayContents.msg
/ariac/submit_tray Service Submit a tray for evaluation without the AGV moving osrf_gear/SubmitTray.srv
/ariac/kit_tray_ Service Clear the contents of tray std_srvs/Trigger.srv