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SDF is an XML file format that describes environments, objects, and robots in a manner suitable for robotic applications. SDF is capable of representing and describing different physic engines, lighting properties, terrain, static or dynamic objects, and articulated robots with various sensors, and acutators. The format of SDF is also described by XML, which facilitates updates and allows conversion from previous versions. A parser is also contained within this package that reads SDF files and returns a C++ interface.


Standard installation can be performed in UNIX systems using the following steps:

  • mkdir build/
  • cd build/
  • cmake ..
  • sudo make install

sdformat supported cmake parameters at configuring time: - USE_INTERNAL_URDF (bool) [default False] Use an internal copy of urdfdom 1.0.0 instead of look for one installed in the system - USE_UPSTREAM_CFLAGS (bool) [default True] Use the sdformat team compilation flags instead of the common set defined by cmake.


To uninstall the software installed with the previous steps: - cd build/ - sudo make uninstall