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weewx-wd / Change Log



  • Complete overhaul of code, Database and Skin templates due to changes to weewx 3.0
  • Installer


  • SteelGauges data file (customclientraw.txt) now generated through its own skin, SteelGauges, rather than the Clientraw skin
  • Fixed issues with that caused it to faile with Weewx v2.6.3

File Specific Changes


    • fixed missing import statement in
    • revised version number to align with Weewx-WD version numbering

    • fixed compatibility issue with Weewx 2.6.3 resulting from Weewx now allowing UTF-8 characters in plots (removal of function weeutil.weeutil.utf8_to_latin1)
    • fixed logic error in that resulted in incorrect calculation of wind rose values
    • removed unnnecessary import statement in
    • tweaked wind rose size calculations to better cater for labels on plot
  • Clientraw/skin.conf

    • fixed minor typos in Clientraw/skin.conf
    • removed customclientraw.txt.tmpl code
  • SteelGauges/skin.conf

    • created skin.conf and set to call customclientraw.txt.tmpl only


  • Added manual version numbers to files changed in v0.9.2
  • Modified windrun calculations to better handle periods where no wind data is available for some time at the start of the period (eg year windrun where records only start in March that year)

File Specific Changes


    • added wdWindRoseTags Search List Extension (SLE) to support SteelSeries windrose gauge
    • added wdWindRunTags SLE to provide all time max day windrun and the date this occurred
    • modified wdWindRunTags SLE such that it now returns periods in decimal hours
    • added some syslog function defs to simplify logging syntax
    • moved get_first_day function to make it publicly available
    • updated maxWindRun calcs to use partial windrun periods if necessary
    • reworked getMonthAveragesHighs, now returns avrainxxxnow and avtempxxnow where xxx is 3 letter month

    • removed code that sets windDir and windGustDir to 0 if the loop/archive records have these obs as None
  • Clientraw\skin.conf

    • added wdWindRoseTags SLE to search_list_extensions list
    • minor formatting changes
  • clientraw.txt.tmpl

    • updated windrun calcs to use windrun periods from wdWindRunTags SLE
    • simplified rainrate tags
    • put try..except around manual appTemp calc
  • customclientraw.txt.tmpl

    • included manual version number
    • removed redundant $beaufort24Desc tag
    • removed redundant white space between json data elements
    • now checks for humidex and appTemp values in humidex and appTemp tags, if not found then attempts to use extraTemp1 and extraTemp2 tags and then if not found sets to 0
    • fixed timeUTC tag to provide time in UTC and not local. Refer issue #37
    • added windrosedata tag to support SteelSeries windrose gauge. (Requires wdWindRoseTags SLE which is included in v0.9.2 by default)
    • updated windrun calcs to use windrun periods from wdWindRunTags SLE
    • added conditional check for various forecast strings currently in use/under development
  • Testtags\skin.conf

    • added wdWindRunTags SLE to search_list_extensions list
  • testtags.php.tmpl

    • updated windrun calcs to use windrun periods from wdWindRunTags SLE
    • added try..except around manual humidex calcs
    • added try..except around manual appTemp calc
    • added try..except around altF calcs
    • simplified baroinusa2dp tag code
    • included recordhighwindrun and associated date tags
    • minor formatting changes
    • added $dayornight tag (tag is calculated but not yet used in the template)

    • included clear direction at the top of the readme and in the installation instructions to only download and install tagged versions.
    • minor formatting changes
    • clarified Weewx version requirements and included link to (yet to be written) version compatibility Wiki page


  • stale_age settings in Clientraw skin are now off by default
  • Removed installation instructions from and placed on own page in the Weewx-WD Wiki

The first real controlled release of Weewx-WD. Too many changes from initial trial version to mention, but Weewx-WD now generates data files to support:

Weather Display Live

  • clientraw.txt
  • clientrawextra.txt
  • clientrawdaily.txt
  • clientrawhour.txt

SteelSeries Gauges

  • customclientraw.txt

Carter Lake/Saratoga Website templates

  • testtags.php

Also included is to generate a windrose image file for use on teh Saratoga Weather Trends page and a skin called PWS to generate .