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How To Configure Integrated VPN Server On Routers Asus RT-N56U/RT-N65U

This firmware contains an embedded VPN server that easily enough to configure. You get a number of advantages to using a VPN server, including the safe use of function 'wake-on-lan'.

All easily configured through the WEB-interface

  1. Turn on the "Enable VPN Server?".

  2. Select the VPN Server Protocol.

  3. Change the type of encryption.

  4. Disable the "Broadcast traffic" (or change it to the required value).

    Pass broadcast traffic allows, for example, client devices to access resources using SMB-name of the computer, but the activation of this function has a very high load on the CPU while passing of any local traffic

  5. Change "VPN Clients IP Pool". This is the number of clients that can connect to your VPN server simultaneously (in this example - 4).

    Warning IMPORTANT!!! The range of IP addresses for VPN clients can not overlap with DHCP-range LAN.

  6. Add user accounts (username, password, and, if necessary, assigned IP-address).

    Assigned the fixed IP-address (if specified) must be in the range of a pool of IP addresses for VPN clients from p.5

  7. Press 'Apply'.

That's it! Now you need to configure the clients. Configuration depends on your platform.

The common settings are:

VPN server: your external ip address or DDNS record name
Enable encryption: yes
Encryption type: the one you've set for the server
Username: login from the list entered in item 6
Password: password from the list entered in item 6

Here is the example of PPTP from Android phone. First, connect to mobile internet (not using WiFi!!), then try to connect to your VPN server. Type in browser to check if this works.