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rt-n56u / EN / Editor

How do I edit the scripts/configuration files?

  • Built-in utility vi. Run command
 vi your_file

Point the cursor on any blank line. Press the "i" on the keyboard. Insert the desired construction to the text. If necessary, use the button ENTER. When finished, press the keyboard "Esc", then type ":wq" (without the quotes) and press ENTER. Additional information about vi can be found in Google.

  • More convenient / more evident to use the editor built into the Midnight Commander. To install the Midnight Commander, run the command:
     opkg update
     opkg install mc
    Please see this manualfor details about install the apps from Entware

To start the Midnight Commander`s Editor connect to the router via Telnet/SSH console and run the command:

# mcedit your_file