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How to configure Transmission

Transmission is free BitTorrent-client which features a simple interface. Transmission allows users to download files from the Internet and upload their own files or torrents.

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Warning You can install Transmission to your router Asus RT-N56U/RT-N65U, but you must remember that the CPU in a subject is not adapted for these tasks and at the same time it will be loaded at 100%. It is also strongly recommended for downloads "native" file system - EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 (EXT4 is preferred). To prepare the USB-drive, you can use this manual (it should be noted that, most likely, you do not need the SWAP-partition)).

How to configure built-in Transmission

If you install to your router the firmware from the repository, it already contains the integrated BitTorrent-client Transmission. In this case, the Transmission is configured through WEB-interface:

  1. Connect the USB-drive and, if necessary, format it to EXT4 file system.
  2. Create folder transmission at the root of created partition: 2.1. Select Advanced Settings -> USB Application -> FTP Share. 2.2. Create folder transmission at the root of the desired partition
  3. Select Advanced Settings -> USB Application -> Common setting
  4. Switch on Transmission.
  5. Specify the port to connect the peers (in this case the specified port will be automatically open).
  6. Specify the RPC port for management (on the given port will be available WEB-based management of the Transmission from the LAN).
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Perform the necessary Transmission's settings using a link Web control.

How to configure Transmission from Entware

With do the build firmware yourself, can be a situation that you have disabled the Transmission when building for other services because of lack of space in the flash. In this situation, you may install the Transmission from Entware.

To do this, execute in a terminal:

opkg update
opkg install transmission

Warning To configure Transmission is most convenient to use the Transmission Remote GUI