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PFLOTRAN Performance

PFLOTRAN has exhibited excellent strong scaling (increasing number of processes on fixed problem size) for years. Several examples of PFLOTRAN performance are shown below:

Hanford 300 Area Flow

Copper Leaching Scenario

Real-world Hanford 300 Area Problem

Note: The Hanford 300 Area problem contains 6-7% inactive grid cells.


PFLOTRAN strong scalability on 270M degree of freedom variably-saturated flow problem.

Copper Leaching in a Steady 5-Spot Flow Field


Schematic of copper leaching scenario.


PFLOTRAN strong scaling for small copper leaching problem composed of 49K degrees of freedom (4096 cells and 12 primary species). The lack of scalability through 8 processes is due to memory contention within the Jaguar XK6 node whereas the code is exceptionally scalable from 8-128 processes. Note that at 128 processes, each process possesses a mere 384 dofs (32 cells).