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PFLOTRAN Reaction Sandbox

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Download the 2015 AGU poster on the Reaction Sandbox here

Email all questions to pflotran-users at googlegroups dot com

Instructions for Simple Reaction Sandbox:

  1. Clone the PFLOTRAN code repository (click on Clone in the left sidebar).
  2. Create a new reaction network within the subroutine SimpleReact() in the file PFLOTRAN_DIR/src/pflotran/reaction_sandbox_simple.F90.
  3. Compile the code.
  4. Run a 1D column experiment using the input file PFLOTRAN_DIR/example_problems/reaction_sandbox_simple/
  1. Set concentrations within the Initial and Inlet constraints.
  2. Run PFLOTRAN: PFLOTRAN_DIR/src/pflotran/pflotran
  3. Plot the results in Excel or matplotlib (you can use

Instructions for creating a new Reaction Sandbox class:

  1. Copy and rename the file PFLOTRAN_DIR/src/pflotran/pflotran_example.F90 and follow the enumerated instructions within.
  2. Rename the module, reaction class, and module procedures.
  3. Populate the module procedures with the code that creates, reads, initializes, evaluations, and destroys the reaction class.
  4. Add the new reaction class to the reaction sandbox' linked list in PFLOTRAN_DIR/src/pflotran/reaction_sandbox.F90. Note that the new reaction class module will need to be added to the same file (reaction_sandbox.F90) through a use statement at the top.