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Deprecation of the legacy (non-process model) version of PFLOTRAN

Note: The legacy (non-process model) version of PFLOTRAN was deprecated on February 28, 2014. To revert back to the legacy version, do the following:

  1. Revert PETSc back to Git SHA-1 hash: 06283fd4323cef45a7147b2226c8e0c084e2a1d2, configure and build PETSc:
  1. Revert pflotran-dev back to last supported legacy changeset (i.e. tag = 'pflotran-legacy-deprecated'):
  • cd $PFLOTRAN_DIR/src/pflotran
  • hg update -C pflotran-legacy-deprecated
  • make -f makefile_legacy clean
  • make -f makefile_legacy pflotran
  • make -f makefile_legacy test

Please contact the pflotran-dev mailing list if:

  • Functionality missing from the current version of PFLOTRAN and not listed on the lost capabilities page.
  • The current version of PFLOTRAN does not produce similar results for your problem.