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Linux Installation Instructions

Required software packages:

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Mercurial (to clone the PFLOTRAN) and Git (to clone PETSc). git is usually installed by default on most modern operating systems. Both are usually available through your package manager.

  2. Install MPI, BLAS/LAPACK and HDF5 libraries (Note that petsc-dev can be configured to download and install these libraries automatically. E.g. --download-mpich=yes or --download-openmpi=yes, --download-hdf5=yes, --download-f-blas-lapack=yes)

  3. Install PETSc

    3.1. Clone petsc and check out the supported version:

    git clone petsc
    cd petsc
    git checkout 1a9d3c3c50abf60098813fdf7291fe3540415115

    NOTE: PFLOTRAN currently uses a snapshot of PETSc 'maint' (release) branch. The only supported snapshot/version is specified by the changeset-id above. The supported version will change periodically as we need bug fixes or new features and changes will be announced on the mailing lists. The supported version of petsc is used on the buildbot automated testing system.

    3.2. Configure PETSc (see PETSc installation instructions).

    ./configure --with-mpi-dir=<dir> --with-hdf5-dir=<dir> --with-blas-lapack-dir=<dir>


    ./configure --download-mpich=yes --download-hdf5=yes --download-fblaslapack=yes

    or (to add unstructured grid capability)

    ./configure --download-mpich=yes --download-hdf5=yes --download-fblaslapack=yes --download-metis=yes --download-parmetis=yes

    3.3. Set the PETSC_DIR and PETSC_ARCH environment variables based on the PETSc installation location (PETSC_DIR) and architecture (hardware, compilers, etc.). See PETSc environment variables

    3.4. Compile PETSc

    cd $PETSC_DIR
    make all

    or even better follow the 'make' instructions printed at the end of configuration. E.g.

      Configure stage complete. Now build PETSc libraries with:
      make PETSC_DIR=/proj/geo002/petsc-dev PETSC_ARCH=cray-xt4-pgi all
  4. Download (clone) PFLOTRAN.

hg clone
  1. Compile PFLOTRAN (ensure that PETSC_DIR and PETSC_ARCH environment variables are properly defined)
cd pflotran/src/pflotran
make pflotran
  1. Previous PETSc releases used in PFLOTRAN:

2016-09-06 ~ Current: git checkout 1a9d3c3c50abf60098813fdf7291fe3540415115

2016-06-14 ~ 2016-09-06 (Hammond): git checkout 9fc87aa74b00c10f6fbaa6e6828460251b027710

2016-01-04 ~ 2016-06-14 (Hammond): git checkout 8c7fbf4f8491a74970a1205819563feba7a8e746

2015-11-04 ~ 2016-01-04 (Hammond): git checkout 788da0c1281918a2268034e28cedd2e44b0e70cf

2014-12-30 ~ 2015-11-04 (Hammond): git checkout c41c7662de68b036bda6be236f939e8b55959cb0

2014-09-02 ~ 2014-12-30 (Hammond): git checkout c41c7662de68b036bda6be236f939e8b55959cb0

2014-04-17 ~ 2014-09-02 (Hammond): git checkout 821a7925fede8aa3b3b482fc9ccb2d087e2f80fa

2014-03-29 ~ 2014-04-17 (Hammond): git checkout 0c8c14c5

2014-01-14 ~ 2014-03-29 (Andre): git checkout 4663132a

Project Start ~ 2014-01-14 (Andre): git checkout 06283fd4