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Welcome to PhoenixDB


PhoenixDB is a fork of array based DBMS SciDB. Base source code was published by SciDB team on SciDB download page under AGPL3 license. Thank SciDB team for that! PhoenixDB will be published on the same license.

Originally SciDB was founded as new DBMS which must support new requirements from scientists. All known DBMSs did not provide necessary functionality. New requirements were extracted from series of XLDB conferences and described in:

Remember the main goals of original SciDB:

  1. Open Source - it's critical for scientific world
  2. Support nested multidimensional arrays
  3. A storage model based on versions and not update in place
  4. Run on incrementally scalable clusters or clouds of industry standard hardware
  5. Scalability to 100s of petabytes and 1,000s of nodes with high degrees of tolerance to failures
  6. In situ data processing - to re-use existing data
  7. Provenance - it should be possible to reproduce the conditions of any operation and trace its inputs and effects

Current status of SciDB shows us that original requirements are not supported. The main goals of this project are the same as for original SciDB but a process of development will be open as much as possible and oriented on building open community. We hope on contribution of scientists and are going to implement original ideas which were requested by scientists on series of XLDB conferences or will be requested due PhoenixDB development now.

Welcome to PhoenixDB community. If you have any idea regarding PhoenixDB project, have use-case or just want to help us with development feel free to connect us via developers mailing list

Where next?

  • Checkout code at
  • See Quick Start guide

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If you have bug report or idea of a new feature you can open ticket at

Contribute code, improve documentation

Fork code at hack it and create pull request. Do not forget about QA testing!