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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.0

Release Notes for v3.0

  • FIDELITY: Second kick (treats turbulence near r0 more accurately) (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: refix of DCR (EP)

  • FIDELITY: air put between L3/Det to compensate for LSE-11 Design (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: ozone variation adjusted to realistic value (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: e2v QE curve installed and detector A/R coat adjusted accordingly (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Bare aluminum coating used as baseline coating for all mirrors (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Medium switch to air between all optical elements except L3/Det (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Dark current switched to 0.02 e/s (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Readout noise switched to 7 electrons (full chain) (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Using 18.9 degrees as nominal filter angle (hack) & multilayer index of refraction of 1.7 (makes filters consistent) (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Velocity saturation of photoelectron (AR)

  • FIDELITY: Updated spider support structure per Bill's CAD drawings (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Air as media between optical elements added as option (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Cloud model updated so they do not drift (since more appropriate for measurements) & to give full range of variation (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Updated CTE to be charge conserving & switch transposition in serial/parallel values (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Updated phase screen generator to use more accurate rotationally-symmetric gradient (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Updated phase screen generator to use exponential roll-off (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Fixed 3 bugs in phase screen generator to make effective power spectrum correct (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Readjusted limits of phase screen power to reduce potential artifacts (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Updated structure function model to be consistent with 7 layer CP Tokohvnin 2006 model incl. ground layer (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Added the full FFT as a second module for photon propagation (105 times slower but useful for validation) (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Adjusted high frequency roll-off to match diffraction validation (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Added the shadowing of the spider struts (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Redid all validation tasks listed below (1B/1C/2C are now more consistent; others unchanged) (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Used Arroyo to test diffraction approximation using many validation tests (JRP & EP)

  • VALIDATION: Compared power spectrum of phase screens with ideal (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Various runs for small scale astrometry validation (EP)

  • DOCUMENTS: Atmospheric Validation Document (JRP & EP)