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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.1

Release Notes for v3.1

  • VALIDATION: More atmosphere Diffraction validation (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Added speed calculation validation (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Added dynamic transmission validation (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Added bright star optimization validation (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Added background speed up validation (JRP)

  • VALIDATION: Increased number of validation metrics from 19 to 72 (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Re-Normalized second kick for low outer scales (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: QE is now applied properly as photons enter and not after saturation (EP)

  • FIDELITY: Change in background simulation method now means vignetting is 100% accurate (JRP)

  • FIDELITY: Added airmass variation across the field (JRP)

  • EFFICIENCY: Re-optimization of bright stars (2X faster and more accurate) (JRP)

  • EFFICIENCY: Improved ray intercept calculation (as accurate and 30% faster) (JRP)

  • EFFICIENCY: Substantial new way of simulating background (up to 120X faster) (JRP)

  • EFFICIENCY: All external large data files have been removed (EP)

  • DOCUMENTS: Much more information on the wiki (JRP)

  • SW ENG: Lots of code refactoring to be more consistent with DM software standards (JRP&EP)

  • SW ENG: Reorganized architecture into more meaningful programs (JRP&EP)

  • SW ENG: Simplication of full_focalplane (now phosim) (EP)

  • SW ENG: Simplication of makefiles (now just configure and make) (EP&JRP)

  • SW ENG: Update of configuration script so it installs dependencies from source (JRP)

  • SW ENG: Reorganized files into work, source, bin, output, and data directories (EP)

  • SW ENG: Generate readout parameters on the fly; Removes data files (EP)

  • SW ENG: Generate chipheight on the fly; Removes data files (EP)

  • SW ENG: Generate offsets on the fly; Removes data files (EP)

  • SW ENG: Generate QE on the fly; Removes data files (EP)