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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.3

Release Notes for v3.3

  • Fringing (JRP)

  • Anisotropic diffusion in Silicon (EP)

  • Lithographic pixel boundary errors (EP & AR)

  • Charge sharing near saturation (JRP)

  • Silicon dead layer due to laser annealing (EP & JRP)

  • Silicon impurity variation (EP)

  • Larger turbulence screens (& more scales) for greater numerical accuracy (JRP & CC)

  • Wind vector variation during exposure (JRP)

  • Charge Diffusion Validation vs. Voltage (EP & PO)

  • Structure function validation for airglow, clouds, and turbulence screens (EP)

  • Photometry validation (JRP)

  • Cloud structure based on physical scale (EP)

  • Differential Chromatic Refraction Validation (EP)

  • Three sets of new filter options (AR & JRP)

  • Monochromatic Flat validation (JRP & PO)

  • Various atmosphere validation with CFHT measurements (CC & JRP)

  • New Comprehensive phosim documentation (JRP)

  • Checkpointing ability on grid systems (JRP & EP)

  • Unified phosim script for desktop, condor, or other grid system (EP)

  • Various usability improvements including installation, multi-user capability, consistency of commands (EP, GS, & JRP)

  • Various class & architecture reorganization (JRP, EP, & GS)

  • Various c++ standardization, software standards (GS, JRP, & EP)