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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.4

Release Notes for v3.4

  • Interface for FEA files for arbitrary surface deformations and body motions/ Generalization of Perturbations (EP)

  • Tied calculation of lateral fields to impurity variation and boundary conditions (JRP)

  • Simplified parsing (EP)

  • Exposed various additional design parameters in ISC files (EP)

  • Various architectural improvements & general standards (JRP, EP, & GS)

  • Exact airmass calculation for opacity (MWV)

  • Cross-talk framework (EP)

  • Height-dependence of outer scale removed (JRP)

  • Dust & Condensation Framework (JRP)

  • Better background speed and accuracy (JRP)

  • Updated Fused Silica with Corning model (JRP)

  • Fixed bug in atmosphere chromaticity for monochromatic spectra (JM & JRP)

  • Expanded charge diffusion validation (EP)

  • Signal vs. Variance Validation (JRP)

  • Replaced magnification parameter with convergence in instance catalog (JRP)

  • Perfect telescope can be used with detector simulation (JRP)

  • Header contains users physics override commands (JRP)

  • Updated focal plane model to v0.3b (AR & JRP)

  • Added image directory for truth image simulation (EP)

  • Significantly more documentation for ISC and more verbose output (JRP)

  • Replaced empirical brighter-fatter model with field distortion (JRP)

  • Error in interpretation of corner chip rotation fixed (JRP)

  • Finite source plane distance for laboratory setups (JRP/EP)

  • Fixed bug in flip of source truth images (EP)

  • Pinhole object (EP)