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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.5

Release Notes for v3.5

  • OPD on-axis and off-axis interface and calculation (EP & BX)
  • expanded interface for chip shapes to include chebyshev (EP)
  • PhoSim environment variable for multi-user capability (EP)
  • cleareverything command (JRP)
  • toypsf command (JRP)
  • optimization near chip edge (JRP)
  • charge stops as line (JRP)
  • clean up of documentation (JRP)
  • photoelectric switch (JRP)
  • simplification of instance catalog inputs (JRP)
  • zodaical light (ML & EP)
  • cloud historical distribution refined (JRP)
  • corrected lateral field scaling of dopant variation (JRP)
  • dust internal absorption & fixes (JRP)
  • improvements to grid computing options (EP)
  • hole mobility added (JRP)
  • update to cross-talk matrix (PO)
  • update to tree ring parameters (AN & BB)
  • reconfiguration of E-field of accumulated charge (CW & JRP)
  • wind jitter update and fixes (CC & JRP)
  • version flag (JRP)
  • General architectural changes/software standards (GS, EP, JRP)
  • event file naming convention (JC)