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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.6

Release Notes for v3.6

  • Multi-threading capability (JRP & GS)
  • Validation of sensitivity matrix (EP, BX, & JRP)
  • Fully separated design from perturbations with perturbation mode command (JRP)
  • Implementation of default LSST perturbations in file & move commands (EP, BX, & JRP)
  • General architectural simplification, software standards (GS & JRP)
  • Generic parabolic telescope (perfect telescope) ISC files (CB)
  • Simplification to minimal ISC file set (CB & JRP)
  • DES telescope ISC files (JC)
  • Tool for ray visualization (JC)
  • Tool for SED matching (MW)
  • Tool for quick catalog creation (GS)
  • Removal of setup that are unnecessary (JRP & CB)
  • Relative opacity generalization (JRP)
  • Optical design update (EP)
  • WCS generic (JC)
  • Random number simplification and other helper improvements (JRP)
  • Fix to zodiacal light and airglow (JRP)
  • Generalized SED band (CB)
  • Adjustment to outerscale distribution (MW)
  • Tool for ZEMAX for body commands (CB)
  • Bright fatter anisotropy (JRP)
  • Complex tree rings (JRP)
  • Correlation coefficient validation (JRP)
  • More functionality for complex focal planes (CB)
  • Fix for contamination absorption (JRP)