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phosim_release / Release Notes for v3.7.X

Release Notes for v3.7.16

  • Improves performance for multi-threaded applications (AP)

Release Notes for v3.7.15

  • Bug in dust calculation setup (SD/JRP)

Release Notes for v3.7.10-v3.7.14

  • Fix for rare multithreading error of random numbers which improves multithreading performance (AP/JRP)

Release Notes for v3.7.9

  • Pre/Over Scans fixed for LSST ITL devices (JRP/JC/KSK)

Release Notes for v3.7.7-v3.7.8

  • Additional fixes for optimization of bright extended sources (JRP/GS)

Release Notes for v3.7.4-v3.7.6

  • Fixes for rare compiler issue affecting bright star optimization (JRP/GS)

Release Notes for v3.7.3

  • Fix of bug in optimization of photons off edge for bright extended sources (JRP)

Release Notes for v3.7.2

  • Fix of a bug in the new source ID as a string feature that caused sources to disappear (JRP)

Release Notes for v3.7.1

  • Rounded corners in trimming for bright star ghosts (JRP)

  • Removed rare bug for false ghost for double mirror (JRP)

Release Notes for v3.7

  • More accurate accumulated charge e-field (JRP)

  • Various architectural & software standard improvements (GS, EP, JRP)

  • Physical separation of lunar scattered components (JRP)

  • ComCam implementation (EP)

  • Additional oxide layer for fringing (JRP)

  • Allowing >2 bounces inside sensor (JRP)

  • Deltara & Deltadec parameters in degrees (JRP)

  • Cloud structure simplification (JRP)

  • Corrected focal plane layout according to drawing (JRP & BX)

  • Made all perturbation commands as additive allowing both pre-defined & custom perturbations (JRP)

  • Time correlation of clouds, turbulence, opacity in independent phosim runs (JRP)

  • Corrected extra commands to the readout modules (JRP)

  • Enabled multi-threading for OPD calculations (JRP)

  • Additional validation of sky background (JRP)

  • Added eye ISC (CB)

  • Added MCT detector physics (CB)

  • Additional capability for near diffraction-limited calculations (CB)

  • Additional capability for tilted-foresight telescopes (CB)

  • Better zodiacal SED in IR (CB)

  • Pupil screen capability (CB)

  • JWST NirCam ISC files (CB)

  • Cluster Submit script (GS)

  • WIYN ODI ISC files (CB)

  • Updates to speed test validations related to multithreading (JRP)

  • Various fixes related to rare bright star optimization bugs (EP/JRP)

  • Fixes for WCS keywords (JRP)

  • Source ID changed to string (SK/JRP)

  • Cleanup and more examples related to cleaner interfaces (JRP)

  • Expansion of 1C validation (PSF properties) (JRP)

  • Numerous efficiency improvements to multithreading (JRP/GS)