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phosim_release / Release Notes for v4.0.X

Release Notes for v4.0.4

  • Old sensor data fix for Subaru telescope (JRP/HB)

Release Notes for v4.0.3

  • Error in LSST wavefront segmentation (DT/JRP)

  • Adds LST/HA to image header (JRP)

Release Notes for v4.0.2

  • Recenters the OPD for off-axis pointings (DT/JRP)

  • Removes unnecessary print statements for dust absorption (DT)

  • Fix in bug in dispersion for low altitudes (GS/JRP)

Release Notes for v4.0.1

  • Improves performance for multi-threaded applications (AP)

Release Notes for v4.0

  • More accurate self-consistency of moon light in atmosphere (JRP)

  • Time correlation of clouds (JRP)

  • Fix of error of double backwards bounce (JRP)

  • PhoSim GUI (GS)

  • Fixes for eye ISC (JRP/CB)

  • Yale Bright Star Catalog in examples (JRP)

  • Fixes for WIYN ODI ISC (CB)

  • Wavelength ranges specific to ISC (CB)

  • Split of JWST NIRCAM into modules (CB)

  • Updates for background optimization validation (JRP)

  • Updates for DCR validation (JRP)

  • Layer by layer atmospheric dispersion for better horizon accuracy (JRP)

  • Grouping frames for CMOS readout systems (CB)

  • Fixes for python 3.X (MG)

  • Extension of SEDs into NIR (CB)

  • Alternative chip materials in focal plane (CB)

  • Overall of input operation parameters requirements so will calculate from any subset self-consistently (JRP)

  • No required operational or astrophysical inputs (JRP)

  • Precession (JRP)

  • Nutation (JRP)

  • Aberration (JRP)

  • Now, Tonight, and chosen from distribution are options for MJD (JRP)

  • Tree ring parameters in microns (JRP)

  • Generalization of polarization (JRP)

  • TAI separately calculable (JRP)

  • Star grid capability (GS)

  • Random star capability (GS)

  • Various updates for non ground-based telescopes (CB)

  • Implementation of Subaru HSC (KG/SM)

  • General architecture changes and standards improvements (JRP/GS/CB)

  • Complex galaxy morphology model (ellipsoidal sersic with spiral & irregular features) (JRP)

  • Nebulae/Shell model (JRP)

  • Filter command is optional (JRP)

  • Various fixes for background optimization definitions (JRP)

  • Temperature in catalog now is a differential amount around nominal (JRP)

  • Stars and galaxies command for quick catalogs (GS/JRP)

  • Airglow fixes for correct wavelength and spatial dependence (JRP)

  • Various updates for WIYN ISC (CB)

  • Automatic ds9 functionality (--ds9) (JRP)

  • Allowing non-default python with configure script (JRP)

  • Automatic visualizer functionality (--visualizer) (CB)