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phosim_release / Release Notes for v5.0.X

Release Notes for v5.0.5

  • Fixed issue with condor file submission (JRP)

Release Notes for v5.0.4

  • Fixed WCS for rotated and offset chips (JRP)

Release Notes for v5.0.3

  • Rare segmentation fault on some compilers (JRP)

Release Notes for v5.0.1 and v5.0.2

  • Compiler flag issue (TG/JRP)

Release Notes for v5.0

  • Better handling of ghosting during optimization (JRP)

  • Milky Way structure (JRP/GS)

  • Repeatability in catalogs (GS)

  • Better optimization of catalogs (GS)

  • Rare bug fix in double bouncing & skipped surfaces (JRP)

  • Fix in distorted sphere parameters (JRP)

  • Bright stars split optimally between multiple cores (JRP)

  • Example of Hubble Tuning Fork (JRP)

  • Various accuracy and optimizations of ghosts (JRP)

  • Turbulence physics of dome seeing (JRP)

  • Improvements to weather modeling (JRP)

  • Update to simple catalog galaxy generation for Milky Way structure (GS)

  • New data for Sky brightness validation 4F (CR)

  • Random number memory realignment (AP)

  • Bug fixes to new atmospheric dispersion (JRP)

  • HA & Sidereal time in header (JRP)

  • New tabs in GUI (GS)

  • Additional operational parameters in GUI (GS)

  • Additional numerical parameters in GUI (GS)

  • Editing of ISC files in GUI capability (GS)

  • Flipped focal plane capabilities (JRP)

  • Improvements to 2B validation (JRP)

  • Added Galileo telescope (JRP)

  • Added jupiter and moons example (JRP)

  • Overall merge of system engineering LSST data (JRP)

  • Completion of optics distortion methodology (JRP)

  • Implementation of control system methodology (JRP)

  • WIYN mirror distortion implementation (JRP)

  • LSST mirror distortion implementation (JRP)

  • Expansion of move commands & control system switches (JRP)

  • Wind shake implementation (JRP)