Accidentally set number of rows to zero at Browse

Issue #336 resolved
Pal Csanyi created an issue


I just set accidentally to zero the number of rows to be showed in the Browse. How can I reset it to the default 30?

Best, Pál

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  1. Pal Csanyi reporter

    I do not know what I did, but after a day when boot my operating system, and start Firefox browser, in the LiteAdmin Table Browse there appear the default 30 number in the textBox field. What happen?

  2. phpLiteAdmin repo owner

    The number of rows is stored in the session, thus closing the browser or rebooting resets it.

    If you accidentally set the number of rows to 0, the solution is simple: set it back to 30... ;)

  3. Pal Csanyi reporter

    The solution is not so simple, because after one set the number of rows to 0 ( accidentally ), and - I think - reload the web page, there is no more the option to set the number of rows at all.

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