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Internal vs External Configuration

Until version 1.9.4, phpLiteAdmin could only be configured editing the phpliteadmin.php file. Starting from 1.9.4, we now search in the current directory for an external configuration file named phpliteadmin.config.php. If this file is found, it will be included and will override the internal default value.

You can now choose between two configuration options:

edit the code of of the main phpliteadmin.php

  • settings are easy to find at the top of the file
  • you can deploy phpLiteAdmin by copying a single, self-contained file on your server
  • when you update phpLiteAdmin, you will need to manually copy your settings to the new version

create an external configuration file named phpliteadmin.config.php (or just rename the sample supplied)

  • your configuration will be self-contained
  • you will need to copy two files to deploy phpLiteAdmin
  • updating phpLiteAdmin is easier because you don't need to edit the main file, but check the release notes or the new sample configuration for new options!

The configuration in both files follows the same format, and must be valid PHP code. Please note the use of quotes or double quotes, and don't forget your semi-colons!

Below a short descriptions of the options available starting from 1.9.4.

Main configuration

  • $password is the text you need to enter to gain access to phpLiteAdmin; the default password is admin, remember to change it! To disable authentication completely, just set an empty password.
  • $directory will tell phpLiteAdmin where to look for sqlite files; found databases will appear in the database list;
  • $subdirectories should be set to true if you want phpLiteAdmin to search all subdirectories of $directory; otherwise, search will be limited to the specified path;
  • $databases can be used to list specific databases that you want to manage through phpLiteAdmin; is $directory (above) is set to false, these will be the only files available.

Interface settings

  • $theme is a css file which defines how phpLiteAdmin looks like in your browser, see the [Themes] list;
  • $language allows [Localization] of the phpLiteAdmin interface; e.g. en for English. See [Localisation] for language packs.
  • $rowsNum decides how many rows will be shown in each page when browsing a table;
  • $charsNum specifies the maximum length of strings appearing in table rows; anything longer will be cut with ellipsis (...).

Custom functions

  • $custom_functions is an array listing all user-defined function which can be applied to values through phpLiteAdmin;
  • Your custom functions should be defined somewhere: you can include another php file, or define them in this section of the main/external configuration.

Advanced options

  • $cookie_name can be used to run multiple instances of phpLiteAdmin on the same domain: just choose a unique string for each instance;
  • $debug is a boolean flag that enables additional debug output;
  • $allowed_extensions lists the php extensions that phpLiteAdmin will consider when opening or creating a database.