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Running phpLiteAdmin with PHP only

phpLiteAdmin is written in PHP, and so it needs a php parser to run. And as it is a web application it also needs a webserver. But this doesn't mean you need to install and configure a full-blown webserver like Apache on your system. All you need to do is download php, unzip it, run the built-in server and open phpLiteAdmin in the browser. That's possible because php 5.4 includes a tiny webserver that offers all you need.

No administrator/root rights required. No installation, no registry changes. Simple cleanup by deleting the folder.

This works on any system that PHP supports. I will explain it with examples from a windows system, but it works more or less the same on other operating systems.

How it's done

  • Download phpLiteAdmin
  • Unzip it. Let's say to C:\Users\username\Desktop\phpLiteAdmin
  • Download php (>=5.4). PHP for Windows, other versions
  • Unzip it. Let's say to C:\Users\username\Desktop\phpLiteAdmin\php
  • In the php-folder find php.ini-development and rename it to php.ini
  • Open the php.ini and remove the ; before the following lines and save the file
    • extension_dir = "ext"
    • extension=php_pdo_sqlite
    • extension=openssl
    • extension=mbstring
  • Start the built-in webserver: Type [Windows]+[R], type "cmd" and hit enter to get a black command-window. Then type:
cd c:\Users\username\Desktop\phpLiteAdmin
php\php.exe -S localhost:8000
  • Drop your databases you want to manage in C:\Users\username\Desktop\phpLiteAdmin
  • Now open your browser (leave the command-window open) and open this address: http://localhost:8000/phpliteadmin.php. The default password is "admin".
  • When you are done, close the command window to stop the built-in webserver
  • You can move your dbs out of the folder and delete it to clean up everything