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Installing a Theme

To set a theme for phpLiteAdmin, download the Themes package, unzip it, and upload phpliteadmin.css to your server alongside phpliteadmin.php. This theme will override the default theme automatically. You can also put your theme in a subfolder called themes and adjust the css-filename with the $theme configuration setting.

More exactly, this is how phpLiteAdmin searches for your theme:

  • First. you can configure the theme name in the config using $theme. E.g. set $theme='mytheme.css';
  • It then first searches for themes/$theme, in the example themes/mytheme.css
  • If that does not exist, it searches for $theme in the same directory where PLA is stored, e.g. searches for mytheme.css there.
  • You can also give subdirectories of themes or the current folder like this: $theme='bla/ver1/theme.css'; would search for themes/bla/ver1/theme.css and bla/ver1/theme.css

List of Themes

The following is a list of currently available themes that are all in the downloadable Themes package. We are always looking for more, so if you have created your own and want to share it, let us know.


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If you are interested in updating this image-based list of themes, you may download the original, full size PSD here (4MB)