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We are using PhyloViz and have tried to colour the nodes using a specific metadata column, but we want to colour the tree several times with metadata subsets and each time different colours are randomly picked up. This means that the same variable can be shown with different colours in different runs. We know it is possible to change the colours manually from the legend, but we have >20 variables. Is there a way of importing the colour scheme for a specific vector of variables that could be applicable to different runs?

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  1. jacarrico

    Hello you can always change manually the colours, save the the colours and then load them in another tree . Below the legend in PHYLOViZ you can find the Load /save buttons for that purpose. It saves a txt file with RGB coma-separated values. If you create such file in any other way you can load it directly. The order in the file is descending order from the category with most items. The file looks like this for 2 categories:


    I hope it helps.

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