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VPN Usage / Your Company Needs to Use a Virtual Private Network and Here’s Why

Companies today need to be very concerned about having secure connections when they communicate and send data over the internet. Taking on this issue, positions companies to be best prepared when data attacks are attempted, which for the average company is often. These intrusions can cripple a company and cause it to lose market share and revenue. In some cases, they can even completely disable an organization.

There is a suite of online security products and strategies a company should utilize in order to ensure that their company’s data, and that of their employees is safe. It all starts of course with a strong IT department that utilizes the top online protection tools, and is forward thinking regarding online security.

There are some security products that a company should consider, that may not always top the list, but are very important nonetheless. One key product is a virtual private network or VPN which is a way to create secured network connections when employees utilize the internet.

A VPN is an online tool that allows companies to create secure communications, particularly across local area networks. There are other technologies that compete with a VPN, but none have its particular cost and features benefits. Here are a few benefits that VPNs offer. The best part of all of this is that there are several free VPNs that offer top quality VPN services for companies. For a list of these free VPNs check out Cooltechzone . Here are benefits for companies that use a VPN.

Benefits for Companies Who Use a VPN

When a company utilizes a virtual private network it can expect to save money. This occurs in several areas:

  1. Internet Access Support Costs When you utilize a VPN, your costs of servers and security will decrease because the VPN service provider assumes much of these costs. There will be costs to the company, but they should be far less than if it assumed all of the costs associated with setting up and running a network, that provides the same types of services as a VPN.

  2. No Need for Leased Lines To have secure connectivity between two locations companies would previously have to rent T1 lines or something similar, that provides network security and capacity. These lines are very expensive to lease. VPNs use public networks to make secure connections and because they do, the cost is a fraction of a T1 line.

  3. Scalability VPNs can quickly and cheaply scale to meet any size your business grows. Because these services tap into public lines you can create international secure connections easily and cheaply, adding locations is a breeze.

  4. Save Money on Long Distance Calling If your company employees utilize remote access servers and long distance dial up connections, you can save lots of money using a VPN because most calls into the network are free.

How Companies Use a VPN

Using a VPN is simple. Companies download the appropriate networking software on their local network and computers. The software is often so sophisticated that it will automatically engage when you turn on your computer and join the network. VPNs also work well with Wi-Fi local area networking. Companies can choose to use the VPN to have secure external or internal communications or both.

To understand the complete details about using a VPN, you also need to understand the limitations of the technology. Use to review any of the top free providers, to understand more about the benefits and best approaches to using a VPN, to secure your company communications.