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Release notes

iMonDB Viewer v1.1.2 (09-Oct-2015)

  • NEW FEATURE: Browse through property graphs using left/right keys
  • NEW FEATURE: Import and export events from/to a csv file
  • ENHANCEMENT: Upgrade to iMonDB-core v1.0.5
  • ENHANCEMENT: Top bar wraps when resizing to a smaller screen

iMonDB Collector v1.1.2 (07-Apr-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Upgrade to iMonDB-core v1.0.5

iMonDB Core v1.0.5 (07-Apr-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Support several additional instrument models
  • BUGFIX: Fix possible error when using the default instrument reader

iMonDB Collector v1.1.1 (26-Feb-2015)

  • BUGFIX: Fix the incorrectly displayed metadata status
  • BUGFIX: Fix case insensitive file name regex testing
  • BUGFIX: Fix issues when reading old configuration files

iMonDB Core v1.0.4 (23-Feb-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Dependencies update
  • ENHANCEMENT: Require the actual Instrument instead of the instrument name when extracting values from raw files

iMonDB Collector v1.1.0 (23-Feb-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Dependencies update
  • NEW FEATURE: Graphical user interface to set and verify the configuration
  • NEW FEATURE: Removal of the built-in scheduling functionality

iMonDB Viewer v1.1.1 (23-Feb-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Dependencies update
  • BUGFIX: Encrypt the database password in the config file

iMonDB Core v1.0.3 (10-Feb-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Generalized approach to test for object equality

iMonDB Viewer v1.1.0 (10-Feb-2015)

  • NEW FEATURE: Configurable automatic database connecting
  • NEW FEATURE: Easily show the graph for the previous/next property
  • NEW FEATURE: Automatically check for updates on startup
  • NEW FEATURE: Configurable event colors
  • ENHANCEMENT: Modular application rewrite
  • ENHANCEMENT: Instant responsiveness when showing graphs
  • ENHANCEMENT: Several small design, UI, and miscellaneous improvements

iMonDB Core v1.0.2 (22-Dec-2014)

  • ENHANCEMENT: General refactorings and code quality improvements
  • BUGFIX: Fix several vulnerabilities concerning unsafe pointers
  • BUGFIX: Fix unchecked access to elements that are loaded lazily from the database
  • BUGFIX: Fix buggy references between Value, Property, and Run

iMonDB Core v1.0.1 (26-Nov-2014)

  • NEW FEATURE: Support the Thermo LTQ instrument (MS:1000447)
  • NEW FEATURE: Add an UNDEFINED event category
  • ENHANCEMENT: Disable automatic Hibernate table creation

iMonDB Collector v1.0.1 (26-Nov-2014)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Upgrade to iMonDB-core v1.0.1

iMonDB Viewer v1.0.1 (26-Nov-2014)

  • NEW FEATURE: Support the UNDEFINED event category
  • ENHANCEMENT: Upgrade to iMonDB-core v1.0.1
  • BUGFIX: Clear the active graph when switching between instruments

iMonDB Core v1.0.0 (03-Nov-2014)

  • Initial release

iMonDB Collector v1.0.0 (03-Nov-2014)

  • Initial release

iMonDB Viewer v1.0.0 (03-Nov-2014)

  • Initial release