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iMonDB / SupportedInstruments

Supported instrument models

Currently only Thermo Scientific instruments are supported. However, care has been taken to provide a general database structure that can accomodate a wide range of instrument models and settings.

Each instrument model can be uniquely identified by its accession number in the PSI-MS controlled vocabulary.

The following instruments are fully supported:

  • Thermo LCQ Deca XP Plus (accession number MS:1000169)
  • Thermo LTQ (accession number MS:1000447)
  • Thermo LTQ FT (accession number MS:1000448)
  • Thermo LTQ Orbitrap (accession number MS:1000449)
  • Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Discovery (accession number MS:1000555)
  • Thermo Orbitrap XL (accession number MS:1000556)
  • Thermo LTQ FT Ultra (accession number MS:1000557)
  • Thermo LTQ Velos (accession number MS:1000855)
  • Thermo TSQ Vantage (accession number MS:1001510)
  • Thermo Orbitrap Velos (accession number MS:1001742)
  • Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Elite (accession number MS:1001910)
  • Thermo Q-Exactive (accession number MS:1001911)
  • Thermo Orbitrap Fusion (accession number MS:1002416)

Other Thermo instrument models are currently not (fully) supported, however, instrument models that are related to the supported models should store their instrument settings in a somewhat similar structure. Therefore, even unlisted Thermo instrument models should be supported to some extent.

To request the inclusion of additional instrument models and/or vendors, please contact us by creating an issue. Please remember to provide representative example raw file(s) in this case.